Discover Quality HVAC Products From World-Class Brands

Providing the highest quality HVAC products possible requires knowing the manufacturers and their product ranges. Scotts Heating And Cooling has worked diligently to understand the complexities of this industry and how to best serve our clients in Camdenton and surrounding areas. We proudly offer products from the following manufacturers. Each brand has proven itself to exceed customer expectations in both the level of comfort they provide and in saving money on their energy budgets.

Innovation Never Felt So Good


We carry the energy-efficient Elite Series XP13 Heat Pump, which enables you to enjoy keeping your home comfortable year-round while being environmentally responsible.

Lasts and Lasts and Lasts


Amana is a producer of a wide variety of heaters, air conditioners, and air filtration systems that are perfect for any intended application. This company prides itself on offering products that offer between 13-18 SEER performance.

It is currently the favorite among our customers due to the warranty and long-term value.

Each installation comes with a 10-year limited warranty on parts to the original owner when registered online within 60 days after installation.



Rheem is a manufacturer of quality, energy-efficient furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters. It is their goal to produce the most energy-efficient products at the best prices possible.  However, Scott's Heating and Air only installs these water heaters, not the entire system.

It's Hard to Stop A Trane


By providing the most advanced integrated home air conditioning, filtering, and circulating systems in the industry, TRANE strives to help you get the most out of your energy dollar. By using the latest in home air-conditioning technology, TRANE offers you the ability to precisely control the temperature in your home both locally and from afar.

Fresh Ideas for Indoor Air


By using a whole-home dehumidifier in the summer, you can reduce the stress placed on the air conditioner coils while reducing the need for lower temperatures. Every unit allows you to precisely control the ambient humidity level of your home, providing you with the comfort of knowing that you will be protecting your family from pathogens that thrive in overly humid summer homes while also saving money on your energy bills. Using a humidifier in the winter is good for wood floors, static reduction, and quality air. 



York is one of the most well-known manufacturers of quality air-conditioning and heating systems in the country. They have a strong reputation for designing quality systems that last for years, providing comfort and savings on your energy bill.

Put Hour House in the PINK!
Put Hour House in the PINK!

Owens Corning Products

The right insulation can make the difference between having a comfortable home that is easy to heat and cool and having a drafty monstrosity that destroys your budget. Owens Corning is a producer of some of the most effective insulation products in the country, enabling homes and businesses the ability to exceed building code regulations without breaking their budgets.


A.O. Smith Water Furnace

Water Furnace was the first to offer variable speed blowers for geothermal equipment, and now we're improving upon that by adding a variable speed compressor and variable speed loop pump for maximum efficiency and savings.